Attendance and Leave

  1.  Two examinations-Half Yearly and Final Examinations are held during the academic year.
  2. Nursery section have worksheets instead of monthly test
  3. Test are held in each subject and the marks are added to the examinations.
  4. The arrangements of the class tests are made by the class teachers.
  5.  Appearance for all ‘Tests and Exams is compulsory: In case of absence the students is given zero.
  6. Medical certificate is not a guarantee for Promotion and must be submitted from a MBBS Medical Practitioner before exams along with the photocopy of necessary reports, prescriptions, cash memo etc.
  7. Candidates will be disqualified from the whole exams or tests, if any unfair meas are detected on their part.
  8. Students who make any change in their report cards will be made to leave the school.
  9. Students of class X and class XII must pass in the Half Yearly and Prelio Exams to qualify for the final examination of the Council. They must come to school regularly and submit the application of their absence to class teachers immediately.
  10. No re-examination will be taken in uny subject after distribution of results 11 No approach will be entertained for the sake of promotion.